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    We provide our clients with personalized solutions for modern technical problems.
    From outfitting businesses with modern hardware & technology,
    to providing digital media solutions and managing one's online presence.

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Custom Websites

Premium Websites with Premium Features
Available as a one-time package or monthly subscription

  • Personalized for You
  • Mobile Friendly Designs
  • Digitally Optimized Content
  • SEO Friendly Designs
  • CDN Setup Available
  • Website & Email Hosting Included with Website Subscription

Gallery and More Information Coming Soon!

Website Packages

These feature loaded packages are designed to fit every budget and offer everything you need to get online.
These packages help you avoid hefty upfront costs and include all costs associated with your website in the monthly fee.


Perfect for Getting Your Company Online

$129 /month

  • Premium Hosting
  • Basic CDN
  • Free Domain & Email
  • 2 hours of updates/mo
  • Dynamic Content
  • Easily Updatable
  • Blog
  • Custom Storefront

Basic CMS

Dynamic Features & Easily Updatable

$179 /month

  • Premium Hosting
  • Basic CDN
  • Free Domain & Email
  • 2 hours of updates/mo
  • Dynamic Content
  • Easily Updatable
  • Blog
  • Custom Storefront


Most Advanced & Optimized Package

$299 /month

  • Premium Hosting
  • Premium CDN
  • Free Domain & Email
  • 3 hours of updates/mo
  • Video Tutorials
  • Easily Updatable
  • Blog
  • Custom Storefront

Just Need Hosting?

Don't worry, we have you covered.
We use the latest technology and hardware in our servers to quickly and efficiently deliver your website content to your visitors.
We handle all of the technical bits so you can focus on your design, content, and customers. However, CPanel access allows you to tinker with the technical side of your site as much as you would like.

Basic Hosting

$160.00 /year

  • 98% Uptime Guarantee
  • cPanel Access
  • Optimizations Depend on Website Code
  • Standard Server Performance
  • Standard Bandwidth & Speed
  • Privacy Relies upon Website Code
  • Vulnerable to DDoS and other Attacks
  • Upgradeable at any Time

Premium Hosting

$360.00 /year

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • cPanel Access
  • Mobile Optimizations
  • Image Optimizations
  • Increased Performance
  • Increased Bandwidth & Speed
  • Extra Privacy
  • Hacking Protection

We do More than Just Websites

A Full-Service Digital Media & Technology Company

Other Services

Learn How We Can Help Your Business

Virus Removal

We can help your business recover from an infected network or device. We can eliminate any and all traces of a virus and help get your computer systems back online promptly and safely. We can assist with establishing guidelines and procedures to help prevent a future incident.

Computer Repair

We are a provider of computer repair, and computer installations repair. This ranges anywhere from a repairing a single computer to repairing an entire network. We are available for a variety of computer repair and installation jobs at a low hourly rate.

Aerial Imagery

We provide aerial imaging services, useful for real estate or businesses that own large amounts of property. These services include aerial photography and aerial videography. Depending on your needs we can provide you with raw or edited images and/or footage. Contact us to learn more.

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